Welcome to HJM Solutions Management

Hi, I'm Johann Mynhardt.

I am an entrepreneur that started a small business and discovered that I didn't have the necessary funds to waste on essential business tools.

Through personal struggles I found loopholes and workarounds to get the job done.

I help Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs to avoid the challenges I had to overcome on my own, without breaking your bank and leaving you penniless.

Transform Your Business Today.

Elevate your success with my expert consulting in Nelspruit. Tailored strategies for dynamic growth.

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Some of what we do

We help new businesses create a strong brand identity that resonates with their target audience. This includes logo design, brand messaging, and visual identity.

We assist businesses in establishing a robust online presence. This includes domain name, web and e-mail hosting, website development, social media management and search engine optimization (SEO).

We guide businesses in identifying and implementing the necessary software tools for their operations and do so at minimal cost to company. This includes CRM systems, bookkeeping, project management tools, and other digital solutions.

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Cell: 072 763 5590

E-mail: hjmynhardt@hjmsolutions.co.za